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Real Estate Booking and Management Platform

ReBoMap aims to transform the real estate users (including society owners, plaza owners, society management, real estate agents, and society members) experience by automating key business processes through map personalization and recommendation. From society launching to bookings and till final completion and handover, all business processes are automated for the convenience of society managers and society members (plot unit holders).

ReBoMap is based on a map personalization engine supported by real estate analytics. This platform will serve as a map based recommendation system. The end users will have unique experience of choosing plots based on their preferences. These preferences are obtained as user’s interact with online society GIS maps (both 2d and 3d). This will permit the society map to be adapted to suit individual customers by highlighting and displaying plots within a given society. This will be a complete unique experience for booking through sales agent within a given society as well as for end users who are potential to become society members because of such a digital solution in place. Furthermore, the society management will have a complete automated housing society booking and management system linked to the mapping component. By developing such a system will give a great peace of mind to society managers and society members. Given the huge real estate market, the proposed system is targeted at SDG 8 and 11, while aiming to create employment opportunities and overall boosting the real estate sector.

Better communication and coordination between efforts of all stake holders are the basic ingredients of housing societies providing advance living opportunities to their residents. ReBoMap can be used as a source of revenue and marketing tool for housing societies.